How to download Insta Pro, GBInsta, and Insta Mod APK On IOS Devices


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over a billion monthly active users. However, the official Instagram app has some limitations that users wish could be expanded or customized. This has led to the development of modified or “modded” versions of Instagram like Insta Pro, as well as alternative Instagram clients that offer additional features.

Three of the most popular modded or alternative Instagram apps are Insta Pro, GBInsta, and Insta Mod APK v10.46 January 2024. These apps can add new functionality like downloading videos, hiding seen status, and more themes/customizations. Unfortunately, iOS has restrictions that prevent easily installing these third-party or modified apps. This article will provide an overview of InstaPro, GBInsta, and Insta Mod APK, as well as methods and workarounds iOS users can try to install them.

Overview of InstaPro, GBInsta and Insta Mod APK

InstaPro is an alternative Instagram client that offers various additional features like downloading posts, auto-replies and more privacy controls. GBInsta is a modded Instagram app, modified from the original version to allowcapabilities like downloading videos, themed choices and hiding “seen” statuses from others. Insta Mod offers different modular versions of Instagram unlocked using APK files, aimed at Android users who want further customization and add-ons.


Challenges of installing on iOS

The main issue with getting InstaPro, GBInsta or Insta Mod APK v10.46 January 2024 on an iPhone or iPad is that Apple’s App Store has restrictions against third-party app stores and app sideloading. Without the ability to directly download apps outside the App Store, iOS users cannot easily install unofficial apps not approved by Apple.

Potential workarounds for iOS

Here are a few potential options iOS users could try to attempt to access these Instagram client apps:

Jailbreaking: Jailbreaking bypasses some iOS restrictions, allowing sideloaded apps. However, jailbreaking comes with downsides like security risks, more complicated access, and incompatibility with future iOS updates.


Third-party app stores: There are some third-party iOS app stores that may provide downloads of modded apps. However, Apple works aggressively to restrict access to these. They also bring security and privacy risks of untrusted sources.

Online tools: Some websites may offer instagram modded .ipa files or app installation through online tools. But again, security is questionable for unverified sources, and Apple blocks many of these provider sites.


Unfortunately for iOS users, Apple’s walled garden and app oversight makes it very difficult to impossible to directly download and install modded or third-party apps like InstaPro v10.46, GBInsta and Insta Mod. While some workarounds exist, they come with concerns over security, privacy and impacts to your device. Most iOS experts recommend avoiding unauthorized app stores or services providing Instagram mod apks. Instead, the best option is to provide feedback direct to Instagram on desired features, or switch to Android if extensive customization is a priority.

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